Transgender Issues

Serving transgender clients and their families is a focus in my practice.  Clients have a range of needs beginning with a better understanding gender incongruity.  I am the guide in assisting individuals and families making decisions to achieve the best outcomes and a positive future.  Both adult and child family members can be part of this process and benefit from being part of therapy.

Following the Standards of Care set down by World Professional Association of Transgendered Health, if transition is the way to proceed, I am qualified to write the letters required for hormonal therapy, chest reconstruction/breast augmentation surgeries, and one of the letters for genital surgeries.  The primary purpose of therapy is to rule out co-morbid disorders which may lead to gender confusion, and prepare the client for challenges in occupational, familial, academic, and social settings should the decision to transition be made.

Please note that many insurance companies do not reimburse for therapy regarding Gender Identity Disorder.  My default assumption is that clients will be private pay unless the insurance company verifies that they will reimburse.

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