Anger can be said to be depression turned outward while depression is anger directed inward.  Depression and anxiety are similar cognitive processes, but in anxiety one has not given up while with depression one has become hopeless.

In traditional cognitive/behavior models, these emotions are often viewed as being the result of internal dialogue.  In other words, how we talk to ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, creates our world narrative… the way we view life.  In approaching anger, anxiety, and depression, I work with the client to evaluate and refine their internal dialogue.

What I feel is important to understand is that there is a good reason for anxiety, anger, or depression.  It is a result of one’s experiences and often serves a purpose even if the costs are very high as well.  Taking from family systems models, the problem is often really a solution to another problem.  In examining and understanding the true problem behind the anger, anxiety, or depression, one can craft more healthy strategies to cope with it and change the overall pattern.

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