About Me

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Port Saint Lucie, FL.  I provide counseling and psychotherapy to both individuals and families.  To me, there are few things more rewarding than helping people make positive changes in their thinking and relationships with others.

I view my role as helping others to free themselves of fundamental and often unconscious beliefs which cause them emotional distress such as anger, anxiety, or depression.  Therapy helps one to become aware of unconscious beliefs, evaluate them as helpful or counterproductive to ones life goals, and replace counterproductive beliefs with more beneficial ones.  Therapy helps one to grow, both as an individual and as a member of one’s family or society.

If you have any questions about my approach to therapy or you would like to determine if therapy might be right for you, please feel free to call me at 772 233 9982 or email me.

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Eric Leever, M.Ed., LMHC, NCC
1555 NW Saint Lucie West Blvd
Suite 201
Port St. Lucie, FL  34986

772 284 6030